The Hardangerfjord

One of the world’s longest fjords

In the summertime we sail in the mighty Hardangerfjord in Western Norway. The boat trip is popularly referred to as the cider boat.

Here you can choose to take the trip as a pure fjord cruise or combine it with cider tasting and visit the local cider producers along the way.

The views along the coastal route are magnificent, and the stories from the local fruit farmers in Hardanger are sure to find a special place in your heart.

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SHIP: Aurora of The Fjords
SEASON: 13 May – 1 September
DEPARTURES: Eidfjord, Ulvik, Lofthus, Aga, Nå, Tyssedal and Odda
DURATION: Exampel Odda – Lofthus 1,5 hours
DAYS: Every day
TICKETS: Book here or buy tickets on board

Explore Norway with a cruise on the Hardangerfjord and cider sampling

You can combine the Hardangerfjord cruise aboard what is known locally as “the cider boat” with a variety of excursions and activities. Here, we offer two different suggestions for your Hardangerfjord cruise aboard the Aurora of the Fjords – one for those who love to explore Norway and Norwegian nature, and one for those who would like to combine cruising and cider tasting.

Fjord sightseeing cruise in Hardanger

Take one of the world’s most beautiful boat trips – along Hardangerfjord. Here you can experience the landscape that inspired Norway’s National Romantic painters.

The Norwegian Fjords!

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Visit beautiful ciderfarms, museums, the famous hiking trail called Queen Sonjas panoramic hiking trail or the stunning villages along the fjord. The ship sails all the way from Eidfjord and Ulvik with several stops on the way to Odda, you can board on any of these stops.