Fjord cruise in spectacular nature

A chance for everyone
to experience the fjords

Fjord cruise
in spectacular

A chance for everyone to experience the fjords

Great travel experiences

Maximum impression – Minimal footprint

A fjord cruise on board our environmentally friendly boats, designed specifically for sightseeing, represent a new and fortified way for tourists to experience Norway´s most beautiful fjords.

With three boats powered by clean electricity up to 1200 guests can travel through the beautiful coastal landscape with a clean conscience.

Silent flow

With zero emissions the Vision catamarans glide silently, exhaust-free and without vibrations through the coastal fjord landscape. It gives a unique feeling of leaving the world heritage untouched.

Our ships are unique – Vision of The Fjords is the worlds first electric hybrid passenger vessel, while Future of The Fjords is the worlds first all-electric zero emission passenger vessel.

Iconic innovation

Taking design a step further


Our vision is that everyone, regardless of disabilities, can travel comfortably on our boats. An inclusive design was of great importance when the boats were built. The Fjords offers an equivalent experience to everyone.


The Fjords´ catamarans have won several awards for their innovative and universal design.

In addition to being an international environmentally friendly role model for everyone involved with passenger transport at sea, they have been pioneers in developing a design that equates all passengers.


The catamarans are unique regarding the choice of sustainable construction and operation. They are among the first silent boats powered by a 100 percent emission-free battery operation. The boats represent a Norwegian export opportunity catering for a growing tourism industry in need of environmentally friendly and silent transport.