Green Innovation

Clean air and clean fjords for future generations

With three boats powered fully or partially by electricity, The Fjords´ passenger catamarans are setting a new standard for tourist boats. With zero emissions they are in tune with the transition towards a greener future and makes it possible to visit areas especially vulnerable to pollution in a safe and careful manner. We want our guests to enjoy the beautiful coastal landscape with a clean conscience.

We work closely with local businesses and manufacturers. The surrounding community is an important part of our green journey.

friendly role model

The passenger catamarans are environmentally friendly role models both nationally and internationally. We are proud to lead the way towards green tourism in the Norwegian fjords. As a tourism business, we have a clear environmentally friendly profile.

  • Emission-free operation
  • Technical and operational solutions with commercial sustainability
  • Lowest possible energy consumption
  • Optimal solutions for battery and charging
  • The boats are designed to prevent wave erosion along the shoreline

Powerful impressions
with minimal footprints

Without noise, vibrations
or exhaust

The silent engines are gentle towards the environment and offer the guests a heightened nature experience with the sound of waterfalls, waves crashing and birds chirping. Smaller waves lead to minimal wear and tear of the shoreline and zero emission help us keep our fjords clean.

We care about the generations that will come after us.