Cold Christmas lunch


Sour cream, dill & flatbread

allergies: fish, gluten, rye & wheat

Juniper smokedt salmon

Cremy egg salad & lovage

allergies: fish, egg, milk

Waldorf salad

Celery rod, pear & walnuts

allergies: egg, milk, nuts, walnuts, celery

Beet salad

Pickled and baked in salt

Potato salad

Sour cream, leek & lovage

allergies: milk


Red cabbage, apple coleslaw & mustard glace

allergies; mustard, egg

Clove baked pumpkin

Pumkinseeds & carrotmarmelade

Råblå (blue cheese)

Gingerbread & lingonberry

allergies: gluten, wheat, egg, milk

Bread, butter & aioli

allergies: gluten, milk, egg, mustard


In case of allergies please send an email to Refer to your bookingnumber, date and time for your cruise and we will pass on the information.