Oslofjord tour

Join us onThe Fjords for a cruise around the Oslofjord – a round-trip on a sustainable boat up close to the city offering great views of the idyllic islands in the inner Oslofjord.

A sustainable boat offering spectacular views of the Oslofjord and historic landmarks

Heggholmen fyr, Oslofjorden,. Oslo

A cruise on the Oslofjord offers a perfect break among other activities and sightseeing. One of the best ways to see the city is an Oslo boat trip on board an sustainable boat like The Fjords. Enjoy the magnificent views from the boat as it follows the harbour shore closely past the highlights of the city and heads out to the picturesque islands of the fjord. Such a trip on the Oslofjord is like sightseeing in Oslo, but on water.

The contrast between the busy city and the peaceful islands is striking, and the journey only takes a few minutes by boat. In the summer, many people live on the islands, where time stands still, and commute to the city each day.

The city of Oslo has really opened up along the fjord’s shores. There has been a remarkable transformation that has seen a tired harbour area with locked gates and stacks of containers become the fjord city of Oslo as we know it today, with an attractive harbour promenade, beaches and footpaths. Once a hive of industry, it has become Oslo’s go-to recreational area, and the city now has a unique appearance and offers experiences to suit every taste.

What is a fjord cruise?

Cruises on the Oslofjord in a sustainable boat operated by The Fjords are environmentally friendly and sustainable. The Oslo sightseeing boat of The Fjords has four departures a day in the warmer months of the year, with each trip lasting one and a half hours. The Oslofjord tour starts from Langkaia and moves quietly past the city and the islands in the fjord. You are never really far from the city throughout the trip: you stay close to the city’s shoreline, which is one of the things that makes this sightseeing trip so unique.

Passengers embark on The Fjords next to the Opera House, and are immediately met by glorious views. The catamaran, glides past Pipervika, home to Oslo’s City Hall, Akershus Fortress and Aker Brygge.

Pipervika is the name of the bay with Aker Brygge on one side and Akershus Fortress on the other. These days, the area is fizzing with activity. In former times, Pipervika was known for the shipyard called Akers Mekaniske Verksted, which stood here for 140 years. There were lots of shipyards around the Oslofjord in the 19th century, but Akers Mekaniske Verksted was the most famous in the building and repair of iron and steel ships.

Our Oslofjord tour also passes Tjuvholmen og Frognerkilen. The former is a new, trendy district, teeming with popular restaurants, bars, art galleries and shops. The narrow inlet at the head of the Oslofjord, Frognerkilen, which stretches from Skøyen to Bygdøy, is a natural harbour. Its sheltered location makes it a popular spot for boating during the summer months. It is also the site of Oscarshall, a beautiful neo-Gothic summer palace that is kept at the disposal of the Norwegian king. After exploring Frognerkilen, the Oslofjord tour continues past Bygdøy and Dyna Fyr, before we head out towards the islands.

Heggholmen lighthouse, Heggholmen fyr, The Oslofjord, fjordcruise

Heggholmen Lighthouse (1876) Photo Thomas Johannessen/VisitOSLO

Experience the idyllic islands of the Oslofjord

Your fjord cruise will take you into the heart of the beautiful archipelago of the Oslofjord. These charming islands are all car-free. Many Oslo residents have their holiday cabins on these islands, and some of the cabins offer excellent views of the city waterfront. You can glide past peacefully on our sustainable electric boat during your fjord sightseeing trip of Oslo. The isles of Bleikøya, Lindøya, Nakkholmen and Hovedøya are small, idyllic communities surrounded by nature, yet close to the city. The tradition of holidaying on these islands started in the early 1900s when tired workers from the city started camping here to get away from the hustle and bustle. Gradually, the tents were upgraded to cabins.

We will also see the three connected islands of Gressholmen, Heggholmen and Rambergøya on our Oslofjord tour. Norway’s first base for seaplanes was built on Gressholmen, and the island was also home to Oslo’s first shooting range. You might wonder why a shooting range was built on an island, but the explanation is quite simple. At the time, boats were the easiest and fastest mode of transport, so putting the range on an island made it easy to access, yet secluded, for noise and safety reasons. Rambergøya and part of Gressholmen are now nature reserves, providing important habitats for seabirds.

A cruise on the Oslofjord is a popular attraction. Everyone at The Fjords are looking forward to welcoming you on board  for your sustainable fjord sightseeing trip in Oslo.